Chickadee Aviation

Welcome to Chickadee Aviation in beautiful Rangeley Lakes area & Portland Maine.

Welcome to Chickadee Aviation with locations in Rangeley and Portland Maine. Chickadee Aviation provides several scenic flights out of the Rangeley and Portland area where you’ll see a variety of beautiful and breath taking views. Our tours in Rangeley range from 15 minutes (if you have time constraints or have never flown before and would like to try), 30 minutes, and 70 minutes for those that would like a longer flight. Our Rangeley tours will take you over beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes where you will see a variety of wildlife. Our Portland tours offer 30 minutes, and 70 minutes where you will see the beautiful Maine coastline, harbors, islands, and with a little luck you might even see whales, seals, and other amazing wildlife. If our tours get you excited about flying you can check out our flight school where you could learn to fly and experience all the joy and excitement of being in the air.

Our Services

Rangeley Scenic Flights

Our mission is to show you everything the Rangeley and Oquossoc area have to offer. You will hopefully see the majestic Maine moose, wonderful white-tailed deer along with people boating, hiking, and fly-fishing catching trout and salmon.

Rangeley has some of the most stunning scenery and mountains in this part of the United States and it’s at your fingertips with one of our tours.

Join Chickadee Aviation and try one of our 3 beautiful tours.

Portland Scenic Flights

Chickadee Aviation eagerly awaits so we may offer you the most amazing scenic flight tours available for the Portland area and our beautiful coastline.

The Portland Headlight, coastal islands, and the hard working Maine lobstermen are some of the things you will see on our tours . Hopefully you will get the oppertunity to see some whales, seals and other amazing wildlife.

Join Chickadee Aviation for a tour you will never forget.

Flight School

Have you decided that this year is the year you will learn to fly but don’t know where to start? We can help, welcome to Chickadee Aviation’s Flight School, we are a FAR Part 61 school and your first step to earning your private pilot certificate, Instrument Rating (IR), or Commercial pilot certificate.

If you are a pilot and haven’t flown in a while, we also offer bi-annual reviews and assistance for rusty pilots and have a team of flight instructors dedicated to helping you feel comfortable flying again.