Instrument Rating (IR)

Welcome to Chickadee Aviation’s Instrument Rating Training Program. We re a FAR Part 61 school and your first step to earning your Instrument Rating (IR). Your Instrument rating is a pilot rating earned through intensive training focused on flying solely by reference to instruments. It is arguably one of the most valuable ratings you can add to your pilot certificate and is a fun and challenging discipline of flight training. A well-trained and proficient instrument pilot can fly an airplane from point A to point B without ever having to look out the window except for takeoff and landing; it is truly a remarkable skill. 

For many new pilots, the training provided in the instrument rating is the first glimpse at how the National Airspace System, radar and air traffic control works. All important concepts as you will now be qualified to fly in the same airspace that the turbine airplanes. For others, it is usually the first time they’ve been allowed to enter the clouds or fly on a dark and stormy night, known as flying in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) on an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan. 

Having your Instrument rating added to your pilots certificate will increase the level of safety while flying. If unexpected weather comes up and reduces your visibility you will be prepared with the knowledge to fly with only your instruments for guidance. 

While it is possible to earn a commercial certificate without obtaining an instrument rating, doing so limits the types of jobs and flying you can do with your commercial certificate.

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